Artist Statement


I’ve been born in a world full of labelling, explanations and descriptions. I’ve been born in a wolrd, where you have to explain who you are, conform your self; and I’ve never dealt with it well. It always felt like a burden, always felt limiting.From a young age I had a longing for freedom but also a deep need to express my self authentically. From trying to make sense of it through philosophical concept, to leaving France at 18, I dedicated most of my young aduld life to feel free. All these things dind’t really help, words weren’t enough either, they still felt like a cage. In my quest I started painting and discovered a new world. A world with no boudaries.Timeless. Limitless. Whatever feeling arise, there is always a way to express it: colours, movements, deepth; everything is possible. Most of my work are abstract mixed media paintings. Mostly intuitively created, experimental and free of rules. I usually don’t describe them much, as I feel like a description will take some of the rawness away as well as limiting them. I aim to take people out of they everyday train of thought. Surprising them and maybe even making them stop thinking, judging, labelling and giving them the time and space to feel again.

There is a sense of separation that disolves while painting. There isn’t really an I anymore, there is only what is,here and now.This sense of wholeness is felt as well while experiencing a work of art.
In nowadays society we are taught that we are sperated from nature. Which made us feel superior, which lead to a disconnection with our home. We stoped working with her and started using and abusing her instead. Only when the separation will desolve, only then, we will find respect and therefore solutions. That is why, experincing contemplative art is such a necessity. When we collectivly experience art, we unify. This can impact life in many positives ways but also help us fight climate change. When you let your judgements, expectations and ego aside, you automaticly leave more space for respect and empathy.

As a artist, I truly believe that it is important to use our art to raise awarness and open up a dialogue.

Ophélia Buchelin