Ophelia Buchelin is a French-born abstract artist. Raised by two painters, her world has always been made up of colors. At a young age, being dragged into museums, her passion for art was awoken. After completing her Literature Baccalaureate in 2014, she decided to leave France for good, to discover the world and herself.

Her adventure started in Barcelona , she then moved to London and fell in love with the Tate Modern, all the galleries and the art community. Her journey then took her to Australia. She first spent some time in Sydney, then ventured off on a road trip up the West Coast. After a few months living in the car and witnessing nature’s wonders, she settled in Perth where she started painting. Not having much money to invest, she worked in a small corner of her room, free pouring acrylic paint on any found surfaces (glass, chalkboard, paper etc.). She discovered within her an immense need to express. She found freedom in colors and an easiness to create. Since then she never stopped painting.

It is in Switzerland that the young artist dove deep into her practice and dedicated most of her time and money in her art. She rented a studio and invested in large canvases.

Her practice is intuitive, limitless and in constant evolution. She tries to find the perfect harmony through compositions and colors. Her medium varies, from acrylic to oil, but really using whatever seems interesting while creating. Sometimes it is bold and dynamic, sometimes very quiet. Her work is mostly a direct reflection of her internal world. A window to her soul.
She aims to awaken feelings in the viewers. Her paintings are made to make you stop, watch and feel. You can interpret them but you don’t have to. They are a break in an ever interpreting and judging world. They give you time to breathe, experience, detach from the mind and then come back to presence.

Ophelia started studying at the Zurich Art School but rapidly decided to stand away from artistic molding and find her own way in the art world. She is now internationally and locally represented.